What our customers say:


“… as a seasoned executive, Mr Zinnäcker is not only distinguished by great know-how and extensive experience in the management of international investment projects of considerable scope and complexity, but also has an extraordinarily high level of social competence whose advantages I have been personally permitted to rely upon in various situations…”


“… all this from the planning via the placement talks through to acceptance in accordance with the contract – always in transparent monitoring and reporting. Also where the international project management in the USA is concerned, he has demonstrated in language and content terms that even different regulations, approvals and cultural situations are no problem for him at all: masterful content- and language related project management in spoken and written English – at times also in an executive function – also served to mirror his great subject-related and human competence in this environment…”


“…I have personally never come across such a competent project manager in my professional career who had truly mastered such complex project structures, and got to the heart of them, with such meticulousness and dedication. A very vital part of this is also that Mr Zinnäcker performed these tasks with great social skill and personal engagement, be it in his dealings with partners, employees or supervisors…”